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Naming Usage

Please don't modify or abbreviate the brand name “EmojiStats”. The “E” and the “S” in EmojiStats have to be capitalized. Always keep “EmojiStats” as one word.

  • EmojiStats
  • emojistats, Emojistats, emojiStats, Emoji Stats, Emoji stats, emoji stats

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Please don't edit, modify, distort, rotate, or recolor the logo and app icon.

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Please don't edit, modify, distort, rotate, or recolor the screenshots.

Brand Guilelines

These Guidelines explain the ways you can and cannot use the EmojiStats Brand Resources for marketing, press and other purposes.

  • A written request must be submitted if you plan to use the EmojiStats Brand Resources to advertise your products and services. Otherwise, no request is necessary if you follow EmojiStats Brand Guidelines.
  • Do not modify the EmojiStats Brand Resources. This includes abbreviating the brand name, changing color, designs or combining our resources with other images or words.
  • Only use current Logos and Screenshots that are available on EmojiStats Brand Resources page. Please don't use EmojiStats Logos and Screenshots found somewhere else on the web.
  • Remember to follow all of the display guidelines for EmojiStats resources. More information on terms of use can be found here.